Analysis the characteristics of 0.2 billion floating population and the effects on the way of urbanization in China

Xiangjing Meng, Renmin University of China

Due to the household registration system, more than 0.2 billion floating population (live in urban area with rural household) are living between city and country. Though the De facto urbanization rate has reached 50% in 2011, urbanization was criticized as “uncompleted urbanization or half urbanization” in China. Chinese government published a new urbanization plan in 2014 and indicated that percent of urban population will reach to 60% by 2020 while the percent of urban household population reach to 45%. This paper will use the 2010 population census data to analysis the structure of urban population, rural population and floating population and to discuss how the population structure will change before 2030 and their effect on the way of urbanization in China.

Presented in Poster Session 1