A closer look at the future demography of European regions - New results from the Eurostat population projections at regional level

Giampaolo Lanzieri, European Commission, Eurostat

EUROPOP is a series of regular exercises of projections run by Eurostat. The latter round, based on the population on 1 January 2013, has been disaggregated to sub-national levels. Besides the usual reference to NUTS 2 regions, for the first time EUROPOP projections have been computed also for NUTS 3 regions, ensuring the consistency with the upper hierarchical levels. This means that projections by sex, by single age up to 100+ and by single year up to 2080 are available for 31 countries, 280 NUTS 2 regions and 1360 NUTS 3 regions (NUTS3 data are currently being finalized), thus for a total of 3342 (sub)populations. Such a granularity has never been achieved before and it allows assessing the impact of demographic processes in the long-term at larger geographical scales than usually. The work will illustrate the main outcomes.

Presented in Poster Session 3