Is the pro-poor premium exemption policy of Ghana’s NHIS eliminating disparities among the elderly?

Vincent Kuuire, University of Western Ontario
Eric Tenkorang, Memorial University
Andrea Rishworth, University of Waterloo
Isaac Luginaah, University of Western Ontario
Alfred Yawson, University of Ghana

Under the act that established the National Health Insurance Scheme, persons 70 years of age or above are automatically enrolled in the scheme and can access health services free at the point of use. Within the context of Ghana’s increasing aging population, this paper investigates whether the pro poor exemption policy is eliminating disparities among the elderly aged 70 years and older. We used a nationally representative sample from the Study on Global Ageing and Health. Logit models were used to examine the effectiveness of the policy’s premium exemption in eliminating health insurance coverage disparities among the elderly. The results show that sharp economic disparities in insurance coverage among the elderly. The study underscores the need for eliminating health access disparities among vulnerable populations such as the elderly, and suggests that the current premium exemptions may not be the solution to eliminating disparities in health insurance coverage among the elderly.

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