Standards regarding sexuality and fertility values and practices in the community of Kinshasa Yansi

Gauthier Musenge Mwanza, Université de Kinshasa

Motherhood is highly valued and sacred. Precious, is eagerly sought by both women and men. In this sense, the union of a man and a woman is a decisive act because constitute the entire society. It must therefore inevitably lead to procreation for the interest of the household and the clan. Thus, fertility is paramount value of human life and especially of women Yansi. A child is above all material wealth. Human fertility arouses a strong interest in all spheres of society. Achieving an ethnography of female fertility in Yansi returns to practice interviewing reproductive roles socially assigned to women. Social devices reproduction control basically structured the sexes reports themselves based on sexual hierarchy. This socio-anthropological study of fertility integrates social constructions and representations of individuals. Both in the family and in the medical and social sphere, this study will report logical internalized through several reference systems: cultural, popular and modern.

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Presented in Poster Session 1