Thursday, September 1
9:00 - 10:30 • Room P 4

Session 7. Migration and the life course

Chair: Hill Kulu, University of Liverpool

1. Facilitators and constraints at each stage of the migration processStefanie A. Kley, Universit├Ąt Hamburg.

2. Formation and realisation of migration intentions across the adult life course: evidence from NorwaySebastian Kl├╝sener, Max-Planck Institute for Demographic Research; Lars Dommermuth, Statistics Norway.

3. Step-wise migration: evidence from IndonesiaElda L. Pardede, University of Groningen; Philip McCann, University of Groningen; Viktor Venhorst, University of Groningen.

4. Urban population new spatial patterns under a crisis context: ageing and household changes in Barcelona and MadridIsabel Pujadas, Universitat de Barcelona; Fernando Gil-Alonso, Universitat de Barcelona; Miguel Rubiales, Universitat de Barcelona; Jenniffer Thiers, Universitat de Barcelona.

5. Factors connected to moving from urban to areas with universities among persons at family formation age in Finland during 2003 to 2008Matti Saari, Statistics Finland.

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