Welcome to EPC 2016

This is the scientific program website for the European Population Conference. The local website where you can register for the conference is at www.epc2016.de.

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Create a customized program that can be viewed and edited on your smartphone or other device and printed on your desktop.

You can also add the EPC 2016 website to the home screen in your iPhone or Android device.

  1. Touch the icon with a box and an arrow jumping out of it

  2. Select 'Add to Home Screen' and accept defaults

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Final Program

The final program has been finalized and will be available in print at the meeting. The conference will begin with an Opening Ceremony at 17:30 on Wednesday 31 August, followed by a reception. There will be a Closing Ceremony on Saturday 3 September after the last session.

Navigating the Website 

The toolbar at the top of every page has links to three entries into the program:

Each of these entry points into the program takes you to a session page, which lists the session chair and discussant, if any, and the authors and titles of the papers or posters to be presented, with links to the online abstracts and extended abstracts (or completed papers) where available.

Uploading Papers

Final papers should have been uploaded to this website by 15 August, 2016. The upload feature of the website will remain enabled until two weeks after the conference.

If authors must withdraw their accepted papers or posters, they should inform the programme team at epc2016@princeton.edu.

Conference Registration

Information on the venue of the conference, registration, travel, accommodation and more can be found at http://www.epc2016.de.  

Note that all presenters at EPC2016 are expected to be EAPS members.  Authors are reminded to pay their EAPS membership fee if they want to make use of the member registration discount.  For information about EAPS membership, check the association's website at http://www.eaps.nl.

EAPS Council and International Organizing Committee:

Francesco Billari, President
Anna Cabré, Vice President
Marc Luy, Secretary-General and Treasurer
Clara Mulder, Member
Zsolt Speder, Member
Nico van Nimwegen, Executive Director


National Executive Committee:

Norbert F. Schneider, President
Christian Fiedler, Conference Coordinator
Tim Aevermann

Reference Documents

Call for Papers

Guidelines for Oral Presentations (revised July 26)

Instructions for Conveners 

Instructions for Session Chairs

Poster Session Instructions